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Friday, 09 November 2012 22:54

Choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg: Facts and advice for visitors

Written by  Yana Kretsu
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Rent an apartment or reserve a hotel room - which is safer?

    Planning for any trip can be fraught with difficulty, no matter the objective of the trip. The first question is always where to stay, and  big city like St. Petersburg, Russia, can offer you a huge number of options from which to choose. One option is renting an apartment. There are numerous agencies which are able to help you find an apartment for the time you need. However, staying in a hotel is probably the better option because they are safer. Hotels themselves actually have the official licenses to house people. Unfortunately, staying in a hotel raises further questions for tourists - which hotel to choose? Because travelers prefer to have as many amenities as possible without overpaying for them, here is some honest information about the hotels of St. Petersburg.

The sources of information about the hotels of St. Petersburg

    A prudent traveler will make arrangements in advance for where to stay in a foreign city. The Internet is the perfect tool for such preparations. There is plenty of information online about accommodations in St. Petersburg, including resources one can't get elsewhere like reviews and feedback from previous guests. In addition, reservations can be made in advance using online resources, establishing the World Wide Web as the ideal source of information for travelers.

How does one choose accommodation in St. Petersburg?

    If you can’t use the World Wide Web for any reason, there are other ways to find a hotel in the city. Railway stations, airports, and travel guide are great additional sources of information, and most Russian taxi-drivers can give advice about hotels in different parts of the city. Having gotten the information you need, you can choose the option that best suits your budget and trip objective.

    Honestly, St. Petersburg is famous for its mini-hotels because most of them, especially those in the city center, are situated in former communal apartments. Because of architectural and construction regulations, these buildings are small and have no more than fifty rooms, creating a cozy, quaint atmosphere. Most of these mini-hotels have three-star ratings.

   Living directly in the historical center of St. Petersburg among the city's oldest buildings, one can easily plunge into the maelstrom of cultural events of peculiar St. Petersburg.

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